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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shida Harmi Ugut Dedah Aksi Ranjang Khairul Fahmi

Gambar mesra khairul fahmi dan shida harmi kini tersebar. Sebelum ni, Shida Harmi pernah mengugut Khairul Fahmi untuk menyebarkan gambar khairul fahmi aka Apex ni mungkin bertujuan untuk membongkarkan perangai khairul fahmi yang sebenar. Menurut sumber, Shida Harmi ni adalah kekasih gelap atau kekasih lama khairul fahmi pada ketika dulu. Mungkin juga gambar ni disebar untuk merosakkan hubungan Apex dan Dahlia Teck.

Setelah pulang terjulang sebagai wira negara membantu skuad Harimau Muda membaham Garuda di bumi sendiri, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat atau lebih dikenali sebagai Apex terus menjadi buruan gadis, tidak terkecuali yang seorang artis baru, Shida Harmi.

Dalam perkembangan terbaru penjaga gawang gol Harimau Muda ini, blog hiburan terkenal tanahair, menyiarkan beberapa keping gambar yang menunjukkan keintiman antara Apex dan Shida Harmi yang dikirim oleh seseorang yang dipercayai rakan rapat artis itu atau Shida Harmi sendiri.

“Kami amat pasti penghantar e-mail yang kami (dan beberapa rakan media lain) terima ini merupakan kenalan rapat atau mungkin Shida Harmi sendiri,” kata pemilik laman web tersebut.

Menghangatkan lagi kontroversi, juga menyiarkan dua paparan ‘screenshot’ Blackberry Messenger (BBM) yang dirujuk kepada perbualan antara Apex dan Shida Harmi di mana terkandung unsur pertengkaran dan ugutan.

Dalam perbualan di BBM tersebut, Shida seolah-olah cuba mengugut Apex untuk mendedahkan kepada umum kononnya mereka pernah tidur bersama.
“Klu I nk sebar kan dri dlu lah cik fahmiiiii.. Pk la skik.. Sb kan u dh wat palat gini, kutuk2 I sume, Cite psl u? Cite psl pe? Bukan I cite btul ke? Yg u cakap I dok meroyan tergile2 kan u nape?  U nak i tunjuk bukti yg pena tdo dgn u? I got all d prove..dun u eva play wit me,” kata Shida, merujuk kepada BBM tersebut.
Blog hiburan itu juga percayai bahawa gambar dan perbualan BBM antara Apex – Shida Harmi itu berlaku pada sekitar Ogos 2011, ketika kisah tentang pertunangan Apex dan bekas tunangnya, Elia, sedang sebok diperkatakan ramai.
Khairul Fahmi putus tunang dengan Elia dan kemudiannya digosipkan menjalin hubungan mesra dengan seorang artis, Dahlia Teck, selain dikaitkan dengan watak sampingan, Shida Harmi.
Apex juga telah dilanda kontroversi apabila pihak tertentu telah mengirimkan beberapa keping gambar beliau dan beberapa gadis-gadis seksi ketika menyambut hari lahir Dahlia Teck di sebuah restoran eksklusif di Bukit Bintang di sini sejurus sebelum berlepas ke Jakarta bagi menghadapi kejohanan Sukan Sea di Jakarta.
Sumber campur aduk : illustrasiaku dan melvister

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The ultimate KIRF: fake Apple Store spotted in China

This Apple Store looks so real we still can't quite believe it isn't. The KIRF-ers have excelled themselves this time: mimicking or at least reinventing everything from the Brave New World posters down to the dog-tags and "We live here" demeanor worn by the staff. There were a few giveaways, however, which led observant blogger BirdAbroad to whip out her camera and start gathering evidence: slight imperfections in the decor, a lack of individual names on staff badges, plus an unlikely location in the Chinese Backwaterville of Kunming. Hey Apple, we feel your pain. You'll find further unbelievable pics after the break and over at BirdAbroad's blog.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Malaysian women fall victim to acid attacks

More Malaysian women fall victim to acid attacks

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Police say they are hunting two suspects who have attacked numerous women with an acid-like liquid while roaming Malaysia's largest city on a motorcycle. Kuala Lumpur police official Ku Chin Wah says authorities have stepped up street patrols after receiving reports of 22 such incidents in less than three months. He says in a statement seen Tuesday that the men typically splash a corrosive chemical liquid on women who are walking alone to public transport stations. Authorities have not determined a motive.

Media reports say the latest victim was hospitalized this past weekend for damaged eyesight and minor face burns. Other victims included young female students and a mother carrying her baby. Most of them suffered skin irritation. Three women have fallen victim to the acid splashers who have been terrorising the Klang Valley since early last month. The trio , two marketing executives and a teacher, were splashed with a hazardous liquid during separate attacks on Thursday and Friday. The attacks took place at Jalan Tun Sambanthan and Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad – the first time they occurred outside Bangsar. On Thursday at about 5.30pm, marketing executive Ruhainah Husin, 30, and her colleague were on their way home near Jalan Tun Sambanthan when they were splashed.
“We were walking towards my car when we heard a motorcycle pull up behind us. “In a split second, I felt something on my face,” she said. Ruhainah said she could feel a severe burning sensation and smelled smoke. “Luckily my eyes were saved because I was wearing glasses,” she said. Her colleague, who escaped with minor injuries, and a bystander helped to send Ruhaina to the University Malaya Medical Centre for treatment. Ruhaina suffered severe burns on parts of her face and shoulder.

It is believed that the liquid used by the attacker was a type of alkaline. Another attack the next day, took place outside a primary school near Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad at 7am. The victim, a teacher who wished to remain anonymous, said she noticed two men on a motorcycle speeding away after she was splashed. Along with Ruhaina and her colleague, a total of fifteen people, including eight pupils, two teachers, a parent and her two children, have fallen victim to the attacks so far. Brickfields OCPD Asst Comm Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid urged anyone with information to contact the nearest police station immediately
READ MORE ABOUT TIPS TO AVOID  - More Malaysian women fall victim to acid attacks 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

email at

Projek email 1Malaysia akan diteruskan dengan sasaran 5.4 juta pengguna menjelang akhir tahun ini.

Menurut Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Tricubes Berhad, Khairun Zainal Mokhtar, di sebalik kontroversi yang dihadapi projek itu, ia akan tetap dilancarkan pada Julai ini.

"Kami akan lakukan yang terbaik dan mendapatkan sasaran demografi tersebut,” katanya.

Pada taklimat media di Kuala Lumpur hari ini, Khairun juga mengesahkan agensi kerajaan akan dikenakan bayaran RM0.50 bagi setiap email yang dihantar kepada pengguna tetapi orang ramai tidak akan dikenakan sebarang bayaran.

Sasaran Tricubes adalah mendapatkan purata 900,000 pengguna setiap bulan dan mendapatkan semua rakyat Malaysia berusia 18 tahun menyertainya menjelang tahun 2015.

Menurut Khairun, pengguna dijangka akan dikenakan bayaran tambahan jika mereka mahu perkhidmatan tambah nilai lain seperti email lebih 'selamat' dengan kemudahan 'encryption'.

"Namun setting asas adalah 'Secure Sockets Layer' (SSL) yang agak selamat.

"Malah dengan email seharian dan tanpa dikenakan bayaran semuanya adalah melalui SSL. Pengguna juga boleh menghantar email peribadi kepada rakan-rakan dan ia adalah percuma,” katanya.

Khairun juga berkata untuk menggunakan email itu seseorang perlu ke mana-mana Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara bagi mendaftar.

Katanya, pengguna juga boleh melakukannya sendiri dengan menggunakan alat biometrik-USB yang perlu dibeli mereka.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Pirate Bay Is Down (AWOL)

Yes, The Pirate Bay is down at the moment. Absent without official leave (AWOL) according to the IRC channel. No, there’s no reason to panic.
Every time The Pirate Bay suffers a few minutes for downtime, thousands of people start to worry that something awful has happened to their beloved site. Luckily, this is usually not the case.
The fear that The Pirate Bay may not return probably stems from the fact that it was raided nearly 5 years ago, and all the legal troubles that followed. However, aside from the three days of forced downtime in 2006 has never run into any significant trouble.
When the site’s not responding someone probably tripped over a cable, they’re working on software upgrades, replacing hardware or facing another technical difficulty.
Oh yeah, and EZTV is down too, probably the same cable.
The best advise for worried users is to relax, take a deep breath, and try to visit the site again in a few hours or check out one of the alternatives.
Do you have a conspiracy theory? Please comment below.
Update: Technical difficulties indeed (power failure), TPB will be back in a few hours.
Pirate Bay Downtime, April 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

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